Take a good, long look at yourself. Go ahead. What do your accessories say about you? Your IPhone or Android tells the world something about you. Your sunglasses make a statement of your individuality. Your jewelry creates a style all your own. Your wallet or purse says you are bold and trendy. And your favorite hat or pair of shoes just screams your personality. So, what’s missing? Companies left and right are taking part in the golf fashion revolution. They have designed and marketed just about everything you could think of—pants, shirts, socks, hats, shoes, etc. Everything but the belt. That’s right, they might offer you a white belt instead of a traditional black or brown, but they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface for this accessory. Until now, that is.


Switch is offering golfers and others a new option when getting dressed. With 196 possible color combinations, the Switch Belt can pull your wardrobe together at the waist. The world of mix and match has just become cool and limitless. Instead of worrying whether your black or brown belt works better with your shoes, you can now ‘switch’ your style any way you like.

Switch is a very young company in the apparel arena, but their future is as bright as any one of its 14 colors options. Originally moved from China in 2011, it became immediately obvious that the Switch Belt was the perfect accessory for both sexes of all ages. They expanded their line to include not just style expressive and fashionable youth but golfers, skateboarders, snow buffs, BMX fans and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. In fact, this new accessory is for everyone looking for a bold, individual change. Switch allows you to accentuate any style or outfit with the simple switch of the belt or even just the buckle. 14 belt colors and 14 buckle colors give you 196 possible color combinations to accessorize your wardrobe and style.

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But the Switch Belt is also a quality product that will last you from season to season. The belts are made of a thermoplastic resin (TPR), which is one of the most eco-friendly plastics available. It is bio-degradable and great for the green consumer. All of the belts come shipped at 46 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. When uncut, they will fit up to a 44 inch waist, but they can also be cut down to fit a child. The buckles are made of polycarbonate (PC) plastic which is a tough, dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic that excels when used in high performance situations.


While fashion is different to different people, one thing remains constant—accessorizing. Switch is making the rounds. It only seems logical that a functional, fashionable, colorful belt with interchangeable buckle options is a great way to make your outfit a signature piece. For more information and ordering, please visit switchbelt .

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