There is a common knowledge across all sports that keeping your eye on the ball is a fundamental principle that must be mastered. For every dropped pass or dropped fly ball, the announcers will routinely show a replay in slow motion of how the player’s eyes left the baseball before it got to the glove or looked at a defender before the pass was caught. Just like those examples, golf demands a high level of focus, and not just the kind that can be fixed by an instructor telling you to simply keep your head down.


Most training aids guide your club in a specific manner in hopes of developing muscle memory of the correct movement in one specific area of the game. That’s why Dutch Skiver, founder of BlindStrike, didn’t make a training aid but rather a training platform, as versatile as the user is creative and personal to each player and their specific tendencies. The main principle of the BlindStrike system is your vision. As other aids guide the club, the BlindStrike guides your vision. Whether you are using the putting system or the chipping/bunker play system, you will constantly be training where to focus your eyes while hitting the shot. The system is non-descript, solid black with no lines or branding and is contoured in such a way that alignment and face angle is taken care of in a very sub-conscious and natural manner. While the design seems very simplistic, it allows the player to know when they have made a mistake. More importantly, it allows them to figure out their own way of correcting that mistake because the club is never guided on a track or pushed into the correct position. The player is always in control.


While there are endless ways to use BlindStrike, I was drawn towards a couple specific ones like placing a ball on top of the putting system while also placing one underneath and unable to be seen. This seems simple but when the ball below is contacted, the eyes remain focused on the ball that hasn’t moved, and because the vision hasn’t moved, the focus remains on the task at hand rather than the result. Whether we admit it or not, one of the biggest problems with putting is that we get ahead of ourselves. We anticipate whether or not the ball is on line, whether it was pushed or pulled, was it hit the right speed and ultimately, is it going in. This isn’t even taking into account all of the thoughts about the mechanics of the stroke and if you are doing it properly. All of these thoughts lead to one end: trying to make a putt before you hit it, or worse…trying not to miss. You will hear tour players talk all the time about staying in the present, one shot at a time, committing to the process. That is what BlindStrike is training, your focus!

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BlindStrike is one of the best training platforms I have ever seen. It forces you to be creative and find your own way of getting the club in the right position at impact. It subtly works on alignment, and most importantly, it changes the way you focus over the ball. Whether you are using it on the putting green, on the range, chipping or in a bunker, BlindStrike will show you that what you see (or don’t see) is what you get. For more information on BlindStrike Golf visit- blindstrikegolf

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