People call me the golf gadget guy and for good reason.  Why?  I love the game and take a practical approach when using training aids.  Webster’s definition of a gadget is a small tool or machine that has a particular function.  In today’s ever-advancing modern age technology, such gadgets are springing up like weeds.   I like giving golfers the 411 on the latest.  I tell them what works and what doesn’t.

There isn’t one gadget that suites everyone and not all gadgets are created equal.  They come in a wide variety of functions and styles, but they should all share the same theme–works as advertised, not complicated to use and golfers can benefit from.

For this review, I would like to share my insight about the Saber Sports Trainer.


I have used the Saber an abundance of times on the practice range and warming up before rounds. After using this product, I would highly recommend the Saber as a multipurpose training aid.

There are two sides – a heavy and light side.  Below are the uses for each.


The pure weight alone on the heavy side of the Saber will continuously help build strength which will lead to further distance.  There is a ball inside the stick which will drop into place when your wrists are in the proper positions.


The main goal in using the light side of the stick is to perfect the timing of impact You will hear a swoosh-like sound and the click of the ball in the stick at impact when using the light side correctly.  If you hear the click of the ball prior to impact, you will know that you are releasing the club too soon.

Some of the other benefits of this training aid are the square grip, the carbon and blue sides, and the markings in which you can then use for an alignment stick.  The square grip allows the golfer to maintain a neutral position with their hands.  When you are swinging correctly using either the heavy or light side, you will see the blue side of the stick.  An example of swinging incorrectly will be seen when the carbon side of the stick is in view.


I mentioned that this can also be used as an alignment stick.  The markings on the stick indicate proper foot placement depending on which club you are using.  I recommend watching this video get a better understanding of the use as an alignment stick.


This training aid is a versatile tool that can be used by novice to scratch golfers.  I highly recommend this product due to its multifunctional properties.  Remember what they said in Star Wars.  “If you spent as much time practicing your saber techniques as you did your wit, you’d rival Master Yoda…”  So get out there and practice with the Saber Sports Trainer. For more information on the Saber visit – sabresportstrainer

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